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PLANET NMS-360V-12 Renewable Energy Management Controller with 12" LCD Touch Screen

PLANET NMS-360V-12 Renewable Energy Management Controller with 12
Κατασκευαστής: PLANET PLANET
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: NMS-360V-12

Intelligent Renewable Energy Management Controller

PLANET NMS-360V Renewable Energy Management Controller can automatically detect up to 512 remote devices powered by PLANET BSP-360 Industrial Renewable Power Unit in ways that solar PV, battery and PoE port usage are recorded. Besides, traffic logs that are compliant with SNMP, MQTT Protocol and PLANET Smart Discovery utility are managed. It thus enables administrator to centrally manage a network of up to 512 nodes from a central office, greatly boosting network and power management efficiency.  Moreover, the NMS-360V can support up to 2,048 PLANET IP cameras where snapshots are taken through the ONVIF Protocol.



Watch Over Energy Usage Level, and System and Device Events within Minutes

The home page displays the statuses of system and device events to oversee whether or not they are within the threshold set by the administrator. This can help the administrator quickly know whether the system is operating stably or not. The system event function offers the on-time event statistics table and you can filter the event device with one touch. The event devices section shows which devices are low in energy, not working properly and off the line. A graph of the current energy usage level and the green power utilization shows the power traffic statuses of the selected devices. Thus, it enables you to have a valuable information on the current energy statuses and other situations at a glance. With that, the administrator can immediately address whatever problem these devices may have.


User-friendly Setup Wizard

The NMS-360V enhances user experience by providing a more user-friendly setup wizard with a step-by-step guidance on how each related function is to be set. Just like an app, it reduces training time and allows even non-technical users to be able to set up management network system within minutes.


App-like Device Table to Directly Oversee Energy Usage Status, etc.

The NMS-360V interactive device table includes the statuses of system PoE usage, per port PoE usage, battery capacity, and linkup port traffic for each BSP-360-powered device. Just like an app, the administrator can see at a glance the status of each BSP-360-powered device at the same time. For a quick check on a specific function, the administrator can use the “Threshold Selector”, “Status Selector” and “Filter by Context” function.


Real-time Centralized Monitoring with Configuration of PoE

As the NMS-360V comes with a detailed system view of the BSP-360-powered devices, it enables to configure each powered device like turning on IP cam 1, turning off IP cam 2, etc. The history graph records the status of each device’s generator power, power usage and traffic. If the BSP-360 detects a PLANET camera, you can add it to the ONVIF IP cam list for monitoring purposes.


Instant E-mail Alarm Function

The NMS-360V e-mail alarm function is designed to send an email alert to the administrator via the SMTP server where syslog information can be found once an abnormality is detected. This can prompt the administrator to quickly fix the identified problem in the network.


Optimizing Energy Deployment with Site Maps

With the site maps, the BSP-360 can be located according to the field deployment, thus saving your time and cost of on-site support and monitoring. The current statuses of devices are shown in real time and the IP cam snapshot function is able to show the real onsite image. If the generator power is low, you can through the real-time image see if it is cloudy or raining, or other factors are involved.


HDMI Screen Synchronization Projection and Remote Login 

The NMS-360V It supports HDMI interface that can easily connect to another bigger size screen, so that user can easy to monitor the network more clearly. It also can be operated from anywhere via Web browser to open more monitor screen that are able to access managed nodes on a DHCP-enabled network, thus controlling multiple devices through the other PC, laptop or tablet. 

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