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UBIQUITI AF-X-IP67 airFiber X IP67 Adapter
The AF-X-IP67 is a rubber adapter for increasing coverage of airFiber 5x, airFiber 4x, airFiber 3x and 2x to IP67. This grade is completely dustproof and immersed in water, potentially increasing the life of your unit. ..
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UBIQUITI POE-WM Convenient Wall-Mounting for POE-24-12W and POE-24-12W-G
Product designed for mounting on the wall PoE sources. Intended only for new revision PoE adapters. ..
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UBIQUITI NBE-WMK wall holder for NBE-M5-16 and NBE-M5-19
NBE-WMK - NanoBeam flat wall mount kit adaptor for NBE-M5-16 and NBE-M5-19 ..
MIKROTIK RBWMK Wall Mount Kit for RB2011 (RB2011-H, RBWMK)
Wall mount kit for RB2011 Mikrotik optional accessory dedicated for RN2011. ..
quickMOUNT pro LHG The quickMOUNT pro LHG is a advanced wall or pole mount adapter for our new LHG antennas. The quickMOUNT pro gives possibility to turn antenna within 140° both in horizontal and vertical plane. With the quickMOUNT pro it is pos..
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UBIQUITI UB-AM Universal  Antenna Mount for Nanostation and Loco
Universal Arm Bracket Introducing Universal Arm Bracket (UB-AM) by Ubiquiti. Designed for wall mount, UB-AM provides a versatile and robust solution for mounting all of your devices. ..
UBIQUITI U-PRO-MP Versatile mounting system for UAP-AC-PRO, UAP-AC-HD, UAP-AC-SHD, and above
U-PRO-MP universal mounting system is more versatile than standard plastic holders and can be mounted on wall or plastic boxes of different sizes in the wall. The system is compatible with these drives: UAP-AC-PRO UAP-AC-HD UAP-AC-SHD and h..
UBIQUITI ETH-SP-G2 Ethernet Surge Protector
ETH-SP Ubiquiti Ethernet surge protector with 802.3af PoE support.   Technical Specification Dimensions 91 x 61 x 32.5 mm Weight 80 g Interface Connections RJ45 Female Connectors ..
MIKROTIK RTB-LHGMOUNT Basic pole mount adapter for LHG series, made from metal
The LHG mount is a basic pole mount adapter for LHG series products. Important features: Simple and low cost Supports all LHG series, products, including LHG XL Made from metal Package also includes a U-bolt and a K-58 mounting kit ..
UBIQUITI PBE-RAD-400 Radom for PowerBeam / NanoBeamM - 400mm
The PBE-RAD-400 is a Radome Cover. It is an ideal way to provide additional protection to the PBE-M2-400, PBE-M5-400, NBE-M2-400, NBE-M5-400. Features : Greatly Reduce Wind Load Protect Antenna Surfaces from Harsh Envir..
Rackmount kit ER-RMKIT is designed for ER-4 and ER-6 routers for mounting into 19" rack, 1U position. Package contains RM kit for EdgeRouter 4 and 6P Set of screws to snap into the rack and the router ..
UBIQUITI NS-WM window or wall holder for Nanostation
NanoStation Mount Adjustable Window/Wall Mount The Ubiquiti Networks Window/Wall Mounting kit for NanoStation. The kit comes with interchangeable mounting adapters (suction mount for window, wall screws for wall) so the NanoStation can be easil..
MIKROTIK Woobm-USB, Wireless out of band management USB stick
The Wireless out of band management USB stick (Woobm-USB) is a useful assistant for any network administrator. Simply plug it into any RouterBOARD USB port and it will allow you to access the console of that device over wireless. It sets up as a wire..