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POWERWALKER UPS VFI 20K CPM 3/3(PS) (10122071)

POWERWALKER UPS VFI 20K CPM 3/3(PS) (10122071)
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: VFI 20K CPM 3/3(PS)
  • Modular and scalable solution up to 300kVA or 420kVA in parallel cabinets
  • Unity Power Factor (kVA = kW)
  • Simple maintenance by hot-swappable modules
  • 5.7” display or optional 10” touch panel
  • The item is a 20kW power module of VFI CPM Series.
The PowerWalker VFI CPM 3/3 series is a modular solution with the capacity to reach 420kW output power. It features hot-swappable power modules available as 20kW and 30kW. Modules are installed in special cabinets, which manage synchronized work and parallel operation, resulting in very low Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) and parallel redundancy.

The standard cabinet offers a 5.7” LCD display for monitoring and control of the whole system. Optionally a 10” touch panel can be installed instead for even greater overview and convenience. Each unit is equipped with dual input, communication ports, including extension slot. Cabinets can be equipped with UPS modules, battery slots or a combination of both, allowing many different solutions and offering the highest degree of flexibility.

The VFI CPM series has a high overload capability, withstanding up to 60s at 150% overload. Additionally the Unity Power Factor and high efficiency (up to 94.5%) significantly reduces heat loss of the operating equipment. Each 20kW provides 6A and 30kW module 8A charging current, summing up to powerful solution even for big battery banks. The CPM series combines high flexibility and scalability with great performance and power, making it the optimal solution for many different applications.


Technical specification

General features
Type Online
Power capacity 20000VA / 20000W
Output Power Factor 1.00
Input Voltage Range 305-478 VAC at 100% load or 208-478 VAC at <70% load
Max THDi ≤3% at 100% load
Input PF > 0.99 at full load; >0.98 at half load
Frequency Range 40Hz - 70Hz (self-adaptive to 50/60Hz)
Frequency (Synchronized Range) 46Hz - 54Hz or 56Hz - 64Hz
Nominal Output Voltage 3 x 380/400/415 VAC (3phase + N +G)
Pure Sine Wave Yes
THDv ≤1.5% Full Linear Load; ≤4% Non-Linear Load
Voltage Regulation (Bat. Mod.) <±1% Stationary balanced;
<±2% Stationary unbalanced;
<±5% Transitory (load variation 100-0-100%)
Frequency (Battery Mode) ±0.1Hz
Parallel Work Up to 10 of the same size
Technical details
Generator support Yes
Overload Capacity Line: 60min @105-110%; 10min @110-125%; 1min @126-150%; 0.2s @>150%
External Battery Connection Yes
Charger 6A
Fan Logic Always on, automatic speed control
Additional Information MTBF over 28462h
LINE mode full Load 94.5%
Batteries and autonomy time
Batteries Designed to work with external batteries. Batteries are not included
DC Voltage 32-40 x 12V
Connections and communication
Terminal Output 1
Input Slot
Software ViewPower
Noise Level < 75dB
Temperature 0°C – 40°C
Humidity 0% - 95% RH (non-condensing)
IEC 62040-3 classification VFI-SS-111
Package Content built to order
Manual Languages EN
EAN 4260074978889
Width 440 mm
Height 132 mm
Depth 650 mm
Weight 34 kg
Pcs. per box 1
Pcs. per layer 1
Pcs. per pal 1

No accessories available

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