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POWERWALKER LiFe Battery System 48-100 (PS) (10134063)

POWERWALKER LiFe Battery System 48-100 (PS) (10134063)
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: LiFe Battery System 48-100 (PS)
  • Compact size and lightweight
  • The modular design allows easy expansion for the future, up to 10 units!
  • Fast Charging (Lithium-Ion Technology)
  • 6000-8000 charge cycles, are approximately 12-18 years product life
  • Works with all our solar Inverters, one ESS for all!
  • Linear Back-up times (Lithium-Ion Technology)
  • 50% more discharging ability, up to 150A
  • 192A peak discharging capability (1min long)


The PowerWalker LiFe Battery System is a modular and scalable lithium-ion battery pack, suitable for all our solar inverters. The energy storage system or ESS, is lightweight and compact, it charges at a high rate, and is designed to last between 6000-8000 charge cycles; perfect for long term projects. The lithium-ion technology guarantees safety and reliability. The back-up time works linearly, so you will get what you have!


The ESS, together with our solar inverters will function as a centralized power solution:

  • store solar power into the batteries,
  • save money by using the stored energy for self-consumption (night-time), and
  • use it as a power back-up when the powergrid fails.

Works with all PowerWalker solar solutions – One ESS for all!


The battery system can be discharged with a maximum current of 150A. Above 150A, it is required to use the PDU for the LiFe battery system.

General Features
Type DC
Form Factor Module
Input Voltage Range 51.2V
Technical Details
Additional Features Lithium Battery, Parallel Connectivity, Battery Breaker
Batteries and Autonomy
Batteries 4x 12.0V/100.0Ah
DC Voltage 4x 12.0V
Full Load Backup Time [min] 54.0
Half Load Backup Time [min] 108.0
Charger Charging current: 100A maximum (20-30A recommended)


Discharge Efficiency (DC to AC): 90%

Battery Life Cycles:
8000 cycles is for 60% DOD at 1C discharging current and 0.2C recharging current with >50% capacity compare to original capacity
2000 cycles is for 90% DOD at 1C discharging current and 0.2C recharging current with >80% capacity compare to original capacity

Communication RS-485 – BMS Communication, RJ-11 – for Communication
Parallel Operation [Units] 10
Temperature 0°C – 40°C
Humidity 5% – 95% RH (non-condensing)
IP IP 20
Package Content Battery Pack, 2x External DC connector set, Mounting Bracket, 2x BPM connect bracket, 4x Expansion bolt M10, 2x Stand feet, 2x Stand feet connection bracket, 20x Screws, Communication Cable, 2x SNAP bushing
Manual Languages EN
EAN 4260074983715
Product Dimensions (DxWxH) [mm] 185 x 540 x 320 mm
Product Weight [kg] 48.0
Pcs. per Pallet 12

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