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Hot Spot Hardware Solutions

ENDIAN Hotspot 150 – Hardware  EN-S-HH0000-16-0150
An intuitive product that provides a stable and quick Internet connection, easy to use and to maintain.   The Endian Hotspot 150 is the ideal product for small businesses, retail chains and hotels that want to offer Internet access to cowo..
ENDIAN Hotspot 500 – Hardware EN-S-HH0000-16-0500
The ideal solution for medium size businesses that need to separate guest WiFi access from the corporate one. It is also excellent for hotels that manage hundreds of Internet connections every day. Up to 500 concurrent users will be able to conn..
ENDIAN Hotspot 1500 – Hardware EN-S-HH0000-16-1500
A complete and customizable high performance product that supports up to 1500 concurrent users. The Endian Hotspot 1500 has a captive portal to provide secure and simple Internet access to coworkers and visitors, specific tools for traffic mon..